SCUBA Day 1 – Orientation

In my search for purpose in this life, I’ve found myself gravitating towards novel experiences. If I jump off enough bridges, or swim with enough sharks, perhaps I’ll discover some sort of fulfillment. If nothing else, I’ll stay busy and have what are, to me, exciting things to anticipate. This is why I’ve decided to … Continue reading SCUBA Day 1 – Orientation


Thousands of tiny planes are on my computer screen, like so many playthings strewn about the ground. Superimposed over a map of the world they are marching, pixel by pixel, towards their destinations. I’m on, one of the websites that makes me happy the Internet exists. Tracking flight traffic in real time, it allows … Continue reading Flightradar24

I made a website.

It has been in my head for some time now. Even years, maybe. Sometimes front of mind, other times it was simply… back there, somewhere. Collecting dust, waiting to be brought to the fore again. The prospect of trying my hand at writing had been condemned to this closed loop for a few reasons, none … Continue reading I made a website.

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