I made a website.

It has been in my head for some time now. Even years, maybe. Sometimes front of mind, other times it was simply… back there, somewhere. Collecting dust, waiting to be brought to the fore again. The prospect of trying my hand at writing had been condemned to this closed loop for a few reasons, none of them particularly convincing. I can’t find the time, I can’t start until it’s got the perfect, I can’t start until I’ve nailed down a theme. Procrastination made mountains out of molehills, and for as long as I’d wanted to give writing a go, I didn’t have a single word to show for it. So I put this thing back in its box, to be stowed among the other idling pursuits. Life goes on, and I could always dust it off later.

As a kid growing up, my household was comprised of articulate people. Author, news anchor, rapper – all roles that have been held between my mom, dad and big sister. Livings by putting words to work. Maybe through osmosis, I had an early appreciation of language. At around nine years old, I tried reading the dictionary. While I didn’t make it past arbitrary (Merriam-Webster was a bit of a slog for a third grader), vocabulary was an interest for me at a young age. Upon encountering a new word, I’d gather it up and add the shiny new sequence of letters to my collection. It’s something I still enjoy, and hopefully now I’ll be arranging not only letters, but words and sentences in a way that adds up to something compelling. Or at least, I think that’s goal.

As of this writing, I’m not sure what form If You’re Reading This posts will take. I don’t know if a theme will emerge, or if it needs to. Musings from a novelty seeker, photographs, essays… they could be anything, really. But whatever this thing is to become, the seal must be broken. I suppose this first entry does just that. And that’s good enough for today.

3 thoughts on “I made a website.

  1. Exciting start. I can empathize with the draw to writing but struggling with the inner critic. Looking forward to reading more.


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